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CAPE Ohio – Renewing Public Education, Before It’s Too Late

Our guests for this episode are Dr. Margaret Kasten and Dr. James Bishop. They both give us a better insight into what CAPE-Ohio is about, and how we can do better with our public schools.

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What Is CAPE Ohio?

As citizen advocates, we defend the concept of public education as envisioned
by the nation’s founders. At the same time, we seek the transformation that will improve and advance learning so that all students thrive.
Read more about CAPE Ohio)


Our Vision for Public Education

Recent cycles of reform have treated public education as if it were a large manufacturing concern, with controllable inputs and raw materials. Education is different. (Read the CAPE Ohio Vision)


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Principles for Redefining Public Education

We hope that decision makers—students, parents, teachers, boards of education, legislators, administrators—will use these principles in developing policies and practices before it’s too late. (Read the Fourteen Principles)